Production Team

If it wasn't for the Production Team, there would be no show!

We’ve all seen what happens on stage, but what happens behind the scenes? How do we get the scenery to fit the stage - how do we manage the sound and lighting, the props and special effects? How does it all come together at the right time in the run up to show week? 

The players and the singers are the stars, but the Production Team makes it all work for your enjoyment. 

See below for Backstage Crew information.

If you have experience and would like to join our Production Team, or find out more please contact Brian

Backstage Crew

The real essential people!

We rely on a small back stage team of volunteers. The Backstage Crew - who have adopted the name "Stage Right" - assist the Production Team with every aspect of the practical and technical parts of the show. 

The Stage Right team help with the "Get In" on the first day of the show, put up scenery, manage scene changes, and the "Get Out" at the end of show week. The essentials!

If you would like to join the Stage Right team please contact Brian